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The Basis for Neighborhood Precincts

It was 1962.  My Dad leased a service station, my mother was at home until I, the youngest, reached the age of twelve.  She went to work as a registered nurse at the local hospital.  My sister attended a business school for 6 months, found a job that would support a fine apartment on her own.  I attended Cal State for $40/quarter.  Most of what we wanted to do was affordable.

None of that is true now.  A french economist, Thomas Pikettey, wrote a Tome defining the extent of inequality around the globe.  History has shown that bad things happen when inequality is extreme.

We have drifted away from the "Happy Days" of the sixties.  The not so unequal have driven the globe to where we are, mostly, as a consequence of the Reagan/Thatcher revolution.  However, we have been complicit in that transition because most of us unequal types have been adrift. 

There is no longer any room for drift.  So, what to do, eh?

Well, we've never established local Political Organizing.  There have been organized activist groups that have been brave enough to stand up at a very real risk.  Organized million person marches, the "Occupy" movement, but nothing that could cause a representative to give a second thought.

If we see Democracy collectively as the only means to reclaim control over our future, then we need to understand that we are alone in that concept.  Any institution that enjoys power knows that Democracy is a threat, because, democracy is government by the unequal.

We are the unequal.  We can listen to the protestations of democracy by those in power that know what the "american people want", but they are the equal.  They can't know.

We are the only ones that know.  We live it.

Those that have something to risk have a self interest.  That self interest defines political reality.  All of politics is contrived.  It is not our interest.  We need to focus on independent reality, a reality that doesn't care what you or I or they think about it, it just is.

Independent journalists provide our only source to pursue independent reality.  ​They are rarely invited on the main stream press.  View the video tab to watch youtube videos of leaders in new thinking.

The formal education that is available to us all on youtube is a resource that exposes the flaws and falsehoods that underpin our economic and political system. This knowledge combined with an organized public can allow us to demand that our representatives implement what we know are solutions.  It is after all, our Municipality.

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