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My name is Gib McCullough.  I was born in Vancouver Washington during the war, raised in Southern California, attended California State University at Los Angeles before it became a university and graduated with a BS in mechanical engineering.  Most of my career was spent in Power Plant Design.  I retired from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power in 1997.

I have always been interested or wondered about the state of affairs around me.  That curiosity has found a home in this website and blog.  I have created this site with the intent of providing a solution to the current state of the public, with the City of Portland as the target.  


The solution requires the organization of the public into sub-precinct neighborhood groups, establishing a Municipal Public Bank, and with the use of the internet begin a search for those elements that are common to all of us and collectively reclaim the power that was awarded us by the founding fathers.

May seem a bit ambitious for "just a dude", and that would be an understandable concern, however, most of us must agree, no matter the stripe, the time is now.  

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