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This is the Real News Network interview with Wendell Potter, a Cigna Corporation whistle blower that knows everything about how private insurance companies operate.

It exposes the reality of our system of medical care.  It is abhorrent.  Maybe more abhorrent is a Washington Post video today, 6/1/2019, that fact checks Bernie Sanders Medicare for All proposal. 


This is a "fact check" about how deluded Bernie is that his system could cost less.  Tax payers will be stuck with the expense.  Apparently the Washington Post has the facts, but what you see in these video's is criminality.  So, is the Washington Post suggesting that we pay twice as much per person as any other advanced country for a criminal healthcare system?


The establishment is so afraid of the connection that we the public have with Bernie Sanders that they spread this naked nonsense.  Don't listen to it, just vote.


This is a Sanders Institute report describing how the Medicare For All plan is paid for.

Apparently the Washington Post hasn't reviewed these facts.  So, who is it that decides who has the facts.


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