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Nothing more substantial to our future than this video.  It explains the reality of money and debt.  No one in our congress or executive understands this reality.  There were people in the FDR administration that did.  With all that Ivy League privilege, how does that happen.  Good luck trying to convince a politician that they are absolutely wrong.

Stephanie Kelton sits with The University of Amsterdam students in 2016.

Stephanie Kelton presents study to evaluate macroeconomic impacts of student debt forgiveness.

A panel at Harvard Law outlining the value of a Federal Jobs Guarantee Program.

The affects of this comprehensive program reach deep into the dysfunction of this country.  It replaces stigma with worth, entrapment with empowerment, unemployment centers with employment centers and distributes this value equally to the poor, without regard to color, disability, or race.  The breadth of this is unbelievable. 

Bill Mitchell, one of the founders of MMT, is a professor at Newcastle University in Australia.  He is a co-author of a recently published MMT Macroeconomics textbook published by Macmillan.  That textbook is currently sold-out, when was the last time that happened, eh.

This video provides historical perspective to what we have all suffered under, the construction of an academic profession that has no basis in reality.  The implication of that reality indicts all of main stream economics and as a consequence politics.  They have no standing.  This is huge.

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