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The Political Spectrum

I'm a bit perturbed at the media for defining the "political spectrum". Of course it is in their interest to establish the spectrum, saves them the impossible task of defining motive, interest, stake, etc. of each guest. So, we have the "far left", the "left", the "center",the "right" and finally the "far right", in addition the word extreme can also act in place of "far" for that added punch. Although convenient, it also establishes neat little capsules for advocates, candidates and the public.

We of the progressive brand often fall in the "far left" box. That is an irritant. Maybe we should redefine the boxes to better describe the reality of the political "soup" we find ourselves in.

Far Left - The public.

its self interest - the public good.

Left - Mostly the Democratic Party establishment.

its self interest - the corporate good and by extension globalization.

Center - Mostly moderate Democrats whatever that is.

its self interest - same as the left.

Right - Mostly the Republican Party establishment.

its self interest - Shrink the government to the size of a bathtub.

Far Right - The Tea Party ( essentially the neo-John Birch Society), Evangelican Christians, the gun lobby and the Alt Right.

Its self interest - Destroy the state.

In summary, the only political group that has an interest in the public good turns out to be the public and by extension the government. As I recall, of, by and for.

I'm thinking its time for the public to organize.

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