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The Partisan Divide

Government has been referred to as broken and dysfunctional by both political parties.  If it is true that government controls our future and it is broken, how is this ok.  


The divide between political parties is at an extreme.

Political parties are not democratic.

The public is not being represented.

Their are some independent journalists that argue that both parties protect the interests of Banks, Wall Street, Large Technological Corporations and Pharma.  In addition, they believe that globalization via trade agreements is inevitable, if you are not part of the creative, innovative elite class you may not have a future.

That does not sound good for children and other living things.

In 2004, I was part of "America Coming Together" an organization sponsored by Labor to register voters in what was referred to as "Battleground States".  It was a large effort and resulted in the registering of 70,000 voters.  It included an effort to develop neighborhood precincts that would be organized into sub-precincts for the purpose of creating neighborhood groups that would be responsible for canvassing their neighborhoods. That concept seems a workable means to organizing a Public into a force that could influence City Hall or State Representatives to affect issues that are common to us all.

Our solution is to organize the public locally within neighborhood precincts.  This will require public gatherings, meeting face to face in local town halls to find common ground and begin to work on solutions.  It is not enough to talk, we are surrounded by talkers, we must develop product that will disrupt the collusion of the political parties and secure our future. 


These meetings will require rules of engagement, it will be difficult given the diversity of our public.  We hope to attract a cross section of people that are willing to set aside personal beliefs and opinions for the sake of the solution.  We are the public, we have common interests that supersede all political interests.  Politics will continue to pursue its interests, our interests is in solutions.

This needs to begin now, most will agree that time is running out.

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