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Yanis Varoufakis in Seattle, June 2018


Democracy as a fragile flower 0:00-15:03

Understanding the Economy 15:05-27:28

Evolution of Capitalism 27:30 - 32:14


Question and Answer

1.  Economic Surplus/Austerity 32:22 - 40:52

2.  Globalization  41:00 - 47:00

3.  Deflation/Fascism 47:02 - 54:00

4.  Self Interest 54:01 - 1:00:37

5.  Internationalism  1:00:42 - 1:06:15

Robert Kuttner, editor of American Prospect talks about his book "Can Democracy Survive Global Capitalism."

He provides an overview of economic history from World War II to Blair, Clinton and Schroeder, the three responsible for unleashing the financial economy.  The rest is history.

The Public Bank Solution

Creating Capital from Our Public Money

Risk Free Banking backed by the Full Faith and Credit of the Municipality.

Roosevelt Re​finance Corporation financing of public work projects and the war by printing money.

Public Banking Solution

Ellen Brown in Colorado 

Naomi Klein has been a leading critic of the handling of the economy and politics during the Bush era.  Currently, she has focused on climate change and started, "The Leap", an organization to support the effort to remove ourselves from the carbon economy.

Naomi Klein , July 2017

Thomas Frank talks about his new book "Listen Liberal".  How the Democratic Party has joined the elite and is no longer willing to represent or work for the plight of the blue collar worker, unions or what used to be the middle class.  They see this time as the post industrial era, if you're not of the creative/innovative class you have no place in this economy.

Thomas Frank, March 2018

This video on the Real News Network with Paul Jay provides an overview of our world:

1.  How it is organized.

2.  The rational of the elite who decide outcome.

3.  The stage that political parties perform on to create the delusion of democracy.

4.  The intent that the public is not to be served but to be used to perpetuate the myth.

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